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    Do you have any moderation experience?

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    How are you going to deal with 2 guys fighting about religion?

    What course of action would you take if you had a disagreement with a staff member in public?

    What does it mean to work as a team?

    Do you think you are impartial? Are you capable of excusing yourself from dealing with certain issues or people if you feel you are lacking impartiality?

    Technical Information

    What devices do you use?

    Do you have a working microphone?

    What sections of the server can you moderate?

    Being a mod can be difficult, frustrating, and often thankless. As a moderator, you will be constantly pinged and messaged with inquiries regarding your duties. Your job is to not only to enforce the rules, but to also help other users. We are all humans and are subject to emotion and stress. It will be your responsibility to mitigate this and ensure that, in the course of your duties, it does not affect your decisions. You must remain respectful, impartial, confidential, and a team player.

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