Useful web resources and links

Dictionary and reading

Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary
Cambridge dictionary
Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
Wiktionary – Quite useful multilingual dictionary
A completely digitalized version of Johnson’s landmark dictionary
Homophone – A complete homophone list.
P.S. Two words are homophones of each other if they sound the same way although have different meanings and spellings.

Videos and pronunciation

YouEnglish – Will help you with the correct pronunciation of words
A popular website with song lyrics
Ideas worth spreading
EngVid – Various English lessons and tips in video format
Forvo – Hear any word pronounced. As simple as that.
Quillbot – Will help you with rephrasing sentences
AdultSwim – In the Adultswin site you can watch live streams for free of Rick and Morty, robot chicken, and a bunch of more tv shows all of them with English subtitles.

Reading and grammar

Useful English courses from BBC
Free Grammar Lessons and Exercises
Another IELTS Preparation Website – Similar to the previous one
Humans of New-York – English stories from different people, a great help for your reading practice
Sherlock Holmes stories – Sherlock Holmes English stories in ePub format
Free grammar lessons
A place where you can understand any phrasal verb
Perfect English Grammar – Great grammar exercises


Write and improve – Useful tasks and tips to improve your writing skills

Audiobooks and podcasts

Free audio stories by professional actors
Another great collection of audio stories
Librivox – Free audiobooks collection
Teacher Luke podcasts – Huge podcasts archive, there is also a lot of useful stuff on the website as well – This website contains tons of audio stories and podcasts, recorder by different people around the globe. Your can use it to listen different English accents and improve your comprehension.

Games and quizzes

English Club – English lessons (text and audio), ESL games and quizzes
Skribbl – Popular Draw and guess game
ESL Listening Lab – Free listening library and quizzes
Babadum – Play a game and learn new words
PlayKnoWord – A “guess word” game

Speaking practice

Conversations Exchange Website – Requires Sign Up / Register
English Discord server – Our discord server (the best free place you can find for speaking practice)

English learning blogs

IELTS Simon – Helpful blog for those preparing to IELTS exam. There are new lessons posted almost every day by an ex examiner
Free IELTS Preparation Website – Similar to the previous one. Also contains helpful videos and tips about English tests


The Internet TESL Journal – Conversation Questions
Deepl translator – A great alternative to Google translate. It has fewer languages but overall much more accurate translations.
ExamenEnglish – Free English tests for you
Online IPA transcriptions – Easy to use online editor to find out the correct IPA transcription (pronunciation of the words) – Huge online catalogue of printable English worksheets