English is difficult

5 clear signs that your English course is a waste of time

All English language courses are not made equal. Actuality, the overwhelming majority of them are ineffective. The majority of English speaking courses are created utilizing outdated language teaching approaches that are no longer effective.

Picking the proper English Course is crucial for a student looking to improve their English, as it is a significant time and financial investment. Here are some obvious symptoms of a poor English language course and their clear signs:

The instructor is constantly speaking.

Constant speaking
You cannot increase your English speaking skills by watching. It’s something you’ll have to practice in order to master. It’s equivalent to learning how to a bike in many aspects. It’s impossible to learn to ride a bike by watching someone else do it.

If you’re in an English speaking class where the teacher spends 90% of the time talking and expects you to watch and learn spoken English, you’re probably in the incorrect class.

Hundreds of grammar rules must be memorized.

Too much emphasis on grammar in an English-speaking course fails in two ways. To begin with, they make pupils fearful of making mistakes, preventing them from speaking freely and organically. Second, they fail because they spend too much time on grammar and don’t provide students enough opportunities to practice speaking English.

If your English-speaking school is grammar-obsessed, you’ll never be fluent in English quickly.

You’ve been given the task of memorizing role plays.

Students are given sample dialogues ready-made for various circumstances, which is a typical practice employed in English-speaking programs, especially in Asia. A sample discourse for a doctor’s visit, for example, would be provided by the class. The students are then expected to learn and recite the role play.

In so many ways, this strategy is wrong. In order for this procedure to function in the given scenario, the doctor must also have the identical script! Roleplay memorization is not used in decent-speaking English programs. Instead, they provide students with opportunities to converse in English with native speakers.

The teacher instructs you in your own language rather than English.

This is a clear indication that you are engaged in the incorrect English language course. Why would the teacher wish to give instructions in a different language if learning English is all about immersion? Making English the only language spoken in the classroom, not just by the tutor but also by the pupils, is a preferable method.

So, if your English teacher isn’t giving instructions in English, you’re probably not in the correct English speaking course.

The English Speaking Course culminates with the awarding of a certificate.

Certificates and degrees are something that we all enjoy. English speaking courses that issue certificates by the end of the course, on the other hand, are borderline fraud. (This is also true of most online English language classes.)

It’s a fact that enhancing your English speaking skills takes a long time. You will never see significant gains in a few weeks. In most circumstances, awarding a certificate is both impractical and deceptive.

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