Interesting books to read

6 interesting books to read for any English learner

Reading is a fantastic technique to consolidate your current English language knowledge and expand one’s vocabulary in order to become a proficient English speaker. Reading teaches grammar and syntax while also presenting new vocabulary in a setting that is relevant. The following is a list of five books that will help you improve your English language skills and become a better English speaker.

6 books to read for any English learner who wants to become a fluent English speaker

Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is a classic American adventure story set in the mid-eighteenth century. It is known for its vivid depictions of characters and locations. The novel is written from Huckleberry’s point of view. Novel details how he resists against his guardians’ attempts to “civilize” him, as well as how his life changes when his drunk father appears.
The book delves into education, the concept of civilization, and race relations throughout the historical period. This is a must-read for anyone curious about knowing more regarding American English.

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby is a literary masterpiece set in the Roaring Twenties that is as flamboyant as the era in which it is set.
The novella provides a snapshot of a pivotal period in American history marking by economic prosperity and postwar liberties. As events unfold, more of the mystery surrounding Jay Gatsby is revealing, as Nick’s narration recounts unending parties, riches, and love. Fitzgerald delves into the idea of a selfish and shallow upper class, as well as the disintegration of the American dream.

Ernest Hemingway’s novel The Old Man and the Sea won the Pulitzer Prize and it is his final significant work of literature.
The story is straightforward, portraying an elderly fisherman’s struggle to land a giant marlin after months of unsuccessful fishing. This battle of wills symbolizes the human spirit’s strength, the determination to never give up, and the pride and honor that comes with it.

Tennessee Williams’ drama A Streetcar Named Desire, with its simple prose and lovely descriptions, adds to the story’s significance.
Williams creates a fantasy vs reality story in which Blanche, the protagonist. He refuses to accept the hand life has dealt her and tries to create her own world. The play explores familial dynamics, domestic violence, and unfulfilled goals.

George Orwell’s work 1984 is a famous “Big Brother” fiction that is still being widely discussed in current culture. After a worldwide conflict, the novel depicts a dystopian society built by the governing party. No one has the freedom to do as they like in a society where thoughts are influenced and history is altered.

George Orwell’s Animal Farm
This is an interesting one and it is one of those books that you should read in your life. In 1945, it was first published. In so many ways this piece was ahead of its time. The book takes a unique look at some of the real-life perils of revolution, as well as the dynamics that animals are forced to succumb to.

Final Words

Understanding cultural influences is an important part of being a proficient English speaker. These great books that we showed you will undoubtedly aid in that development. They will also help you broaden your vocabulary and make it easier for you to communicate in a smart and suave manner. It’s important to remember that becoming a proficient English speaker (even as an adult) is not impossible.

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