Are you an ESL Student? Check out these new words to expand your vocabulary

To improve from an intermediate to an advanced English language learner, you must expand your vocabulary. The improved vocabulary allows you to speak more effectively; it is simpler to comprehend and be understood during a conversation when you have a larger vocabulary. Furthermore, having a large vocabulary allows you to express yourself more freely during interactions. Consider the difference between “That’s a good painting” and “The artist chose vibrant colors for this painting and the result is magnificent.” Advanced (or academic level) communication is about impressing as much as it is about expressing, and having a large vocabulary is essential.

However, it is not advisable to attempt to learn hundreds of new phrases every day. You will get nothing by doing this but frustration and exhaustion. We encourage you to make it a habit to learn a new word (or two) every day at our website or discord server. Then, when you’re chatting with your English tutor or in a discussion, try to use these new words. The objective is to develop an active vocabulary, and the only way to do so is to use these new terms in real-life English discussions.

Improve your vocabulary

A list of eight terms that every non-native English speaker should know is provided below. Knowing these words will help you express yourself more clearly and make you appear to be a fluent English speaker. Remember that memorizing word lists will not help with growing your vocabulary, therefore attempt to utilize these terms in real discussions!


The term means “exchangeable” and refers to items that are similar in quantity and type. Interchangeable is a synonym. “In this recipe potatoes are fungible for carrots. The outcome will be the same.” “Gemstones are not fungible due to their various cuts and sizes”


It literally means “a boat without a rudder,” but it is more generally used to describe people or organizations who are lacking in direction or control. Purposeless is a synonym for the word. For example, “John is rudderless – he continuously changing his mind about what he wants to study” or “the organization’s debt is a result of rudderless management.”


Rhetoric is the use of language (spoken or written) to persuade and influence others; it frequently has negative connotations. Oratory is a synonym for it. “The politician’s rhetoric persuaded voters to elect him” for example, or “this semester’s English course will focus on rhetoric.”


The number of bits or details that something or someone has. Complexity is a synonym. For example, “The movie revealed intricacies; I had to remain focused to follow the plot” or “The tiny model of the castle is intricate” (another version of the word).


Mentally smart, able to detect and comprehend things that others may miss. Shrewd is a synonym for this word. “Only the astute reader would have recognized the grammatical flaw in the article” for example, or “an astute leader will assist the team in achieving success.”


Strange and weird, as if it isn’t real. Dreamlike is a synonym. “The sunlight made its way through the fog, revealing the ocean in a single place; it was surreal” for example.


A vast number of something that has arrived. Inpouring is a synonym for the influx. “The city saw an influx of people for the major rock event” for example, or “the hot weather brought an influx of flies.”


Lacking knowledge, not aware of something or someone. Unaware is a synonym. “The crash occurred because the driver was unaware of the other car on the road” for example, or “the teens were unaware of the noise they were making.”

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Remember to broaden your vocabulary on a daily basis, but don’t overdo it. It’s all about the quality, not the quantity. You can increase your vocabulary by visiting our Discord sessions with native English speakers and teachers by, joining a conversation club. So, one word at a time, keep expanding your vocabulary.

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