How To Learn A Language Faster

How To Learn A Language Faster?

Take the first step in faith.
You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.

 – Martin Luther King Jr.

So, you are wishing to embark on the journey to learn a brand new language and gain mastery over it, right? Believe it or not, you need to push yourself to do something new. And, learning a new language is synonymous with embarking on an exciting journey. Sounds pretty awesome, right? You keep wondering how to learn English language faster and patiently wait for the day when you will be able to speak fluently in this newly learned language.

More often than not, you get the urge to learn a new language out of certain compulsive factors such as the nearing of your joining date in a new job, shifting to a new place, going for a tour, and so on. Oh, did we say that your newfound love for any language is a strong reason too, to begin your journey of gaining mastery over it?

All of us here really have very little time on our hands. And, guess what? We simply wish to rush through things. No wonder why the question of how to learn English language faster creeps into your mind!

Gaining fluency in a new language is definitely not easy. It needs time and lots of practice. But, wait! Are you already disappointed? Please don’t be, because we have come up with ninja techniques to help you make a quick English learner. So, buckle up and get set to follow these effective tips!

How To Learn English Language Faster: 5 Effective Tips & Strategies!

Tip #1: Listen To Anything In English

English Listening is a key to learn a language faster

Do you love music? If yes, picking on your favorite English music is the first thing that you need to do right away. You will be amazed to know that when you listen to English songs, your mind goes through a process of establishing an acquaintance with the language, much to your oblivion. Your brain starts retaining the speech, accents, and pronunciation from the English music.

Scientifically, listening to any sound of the same pattern makes you utter that out proficiently in due course of time. If you have spare time in your hands, just play any English music, podcast or audiobook and let the sound sink in.

No matter if you are taking a stroll on the lawn, prepping your breakfast, or reading a book, let some English tunes play in the background. See for yourself how quickly you are getting inclined to speak in the new language with utter excellence.

Tip #2: Just Read, Read & Read!

English Reading
If you are someone who doesn’t like to read much, you have to take a little pain in embracing this habit. Wondering why? Well, this is because learning English faster is possible if you read texts written in this very language. You may read from any paperback or hardcover, newspaper, kindle or go through blog posts of any site you want. The more you will expose yourself to new words, phrases, and tenses, the faster will be the rate at which you will be able to learn it.

English is such a widely spoken language that you can easily get your hands on any material written in this very language. So, why delay? Make haste and start reading to come across new words and enjoy the thrill of knowing something exotic and unknown.

Tip #3: Dedicate Enough Time To Learning The Language

Learning Takes Time
Are you already disheartened on knowing about people’s experience of failing to gain mastery over a language after learning it for years? If yes, wait up! Just getting demotivated by knowing about others’ failed experiences is not going to benefit you. Since you nurture the desire to learn the new language in a quick span of a few weeks or months, you need to make up your mind of devoting at least two hours to learning it every day. Intense hard work is essential to gain something in the short term. Get, set, and go!

Tip #4: Ace The Pronunciation Part!

It is sad but true that, even if you gain mastery over the English language, but pronounce the words in an odd or wrong manner, you are likely to be pointed out. None of us wants to face that kind of awkwardness, right? So, start watching English movies, series, or videos to get a grasp of the right pronunciation of any word. Also, don’t forget to learn common English phrases.

What is more awesome is to start conversing with any of your English-speaking friends and follow their pronunciation style. Get ready to take your pronunciation game to the next level, and start uttering words with absolute proficiency.

Tip #5: Learn New Words By Linking These To The Associative Words

Linking Words
Learning new words alone is not enough! You need to remember the meaning of those words as well. And, what better way can there be to learn new words than to link these with the associative words? Didn’t get it yet, right? Well, what we are trying to suggest here is that you should start linking new words with the array of words having related meanings. For instance, if you come across the word ‘ice’, your mind will automatically be able to recall new words such as ‘cold’, ‘freeze’, and ‘winter’.

Try to relate the words to any specific picture, object, scene, or video. When the visuals are preserved strongly in your memory, recalling the new words becomes a breeze. Isn’t this tip pretty incredible?

Final Words

Just as Roy T. Bennett had said- “To learn something new, you need to try new things and not be afraid to be wrong”, it is your call to utilize the present moment in learning your dream language and move one step ahead to fulfilling this ambition of yours. The next time you get confused as to how to learn a language faster, know that English is a quirky and fun language and that gaining mastery and fluency is pretty easy if you practice well. There is really no end to learning. Follow the above tips and tie your laces to march ahead in this race of learning the English language.

All the Best! You can do it!

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