How many English speaking countries are there?

The Most Interesting English Speaking Countries To Visit

Are you an English speaker? Well, of course, you are! Else, you wouldn’t have come to this place, right? English is a lovely language, and you won’t believe but it is a global language too, in the truest sense. If you love travelling to various countries, exploring the diverse culture of a myriad of beautiful places, and nurturing the wish to make memories in your dream wonderlands, you are free to do so.

But, wait! Are you worried about the language restrictions at various tourist places across the globe? Well, if you are answering in the affirmative, all we have to say to you is- “Just Chill.” You will be amazed to know how many English speaking countries are there in the world. Yes, you have thought that right! English is not the native or indigenous language of these countries but there are lots of English speakers residing here, and this very assurance can make your travel way too easy.

Do you know what the awesome fact that can ease your tension of facing language barriers is? English is the official language of about 67 countries. Now, how calming an effect this sentence has left on you? Not only that but English is also spoken in as many as 27 non-sovereign areas.

Awaken the traveller in you, and gear up to explore the sprawling cultures of diverse places located all over the Earth. You will just be amazed to know about the most interesting English speaking countries to visit. After all, these incredibly beautiful places are just way too mesmerizing for you to resist.

So, bid farewell to your tensions of facing language problems and miscommunications. This is because we are here to share with you how many English speaking countries actually exist. Be ready to spruce up your journey because we are just going to unravel the most interesting English speaking countries to visit. Flaunt your English-speaking skills and travel with ease. After all, you will get several others who too would be speaking in this language in these very places enriched with plenty of tourist attractions.

#1: Gibraltar

Aren’t several of us here already aware of the Strait of Gibraltar? Well, yes, it is that Gibraltar, a very small-sized British nation that is present at the fag southern end of the nation of Spain. Visit this palace to explore the dark, mysterious caves, beautiful landscapes featuring limestone cliffs, and splendidly built castles. The serenity of the place is way too fascinating. You will be glad to know that absolutely 100% of the people residing in this nation speak in English because it is this nation’s official language. So, consider paying a visit to this place, maybe?

#2: Iceland

This beautiful mountainous area characterised by wondrous cottages, waterfalls, and tempting greeneries makes for a great tourist site. Do you know that Iceland is a very friendly and hospitable country? Visit this nation and have a good time conversing with the good-hearted Icelanders who really love to speak in English. Though English is a second language of the Icelanders, they have the power to speak it with utter fluency. Touring this country is sure to leave you with a sweet experience!

#3: New Zealand

New Zealand
New Zealand is a nation that boasts picturesque views, lovely natural landscapes, and a place that offers its visitors truckloads of adventurous outdoor sports. Though the Maori language is spoken by the tribal and indigenous people of New Zealand, about 98% of the nation’s population speaks English. This is one of the most interesting English speaking countries to visit and you are sure to have loads of fun and thrill out here.

#4: Bermuda

This exotic holiday destination has to be on your bucket list, what say? You may find it hard to believe but a large chunk of about 97% of the native residents of Bermuda speak in English. So, it is very clear that you can speak with utmost ease with the natives while travelling here. The blue waters, lovely pastel-coloured backdrop and scope of participating in a plethora of adventurous water sports make this place a great place for you to visit.

#5: Nigeria

Nigeria’s sprawling urban areas are a sight to behold! Do you know that the residents of Nigeria speak about 500 various languages? And, guess what is the best part? English is the state language of Nigeria because it was originally one of the colonies of the British. Visiting this nation won’t be a headache for you because you can easily converse with any people you wish to, and that too in English. Isn’t that a lovely proposition?

#6: Romania

Romania has to be the favourite place to travel for English speakers like you. The beautiful historic architecture, the lovely Carpathian Mountains, and the scenic views are enough to make you fall for the place. A majority of the Romanians speak in English. So, you will have no problem seeking out help from any local citizen while staying here.

#7: Australia

Are you in awe of how many English speaking countries exist in the world? Well, Australia is yet another country that has about 97% of its total residents as English speakers. The exotic beaches and world-famous landmark attractions are sure to captivate you. Speak English with the Australians and see how well they reply to you in perfect, flawless English.

#8: The Netherlands

The Netherlands
You will be happy to know that the Netherlands has acquired the rank of being the nation with the highest English language proficiency, according to the EF English Proficiency Index Of 2016. About 90% of the residents of the Netherlands speak in English and you can see for yourself the comfort you will get travelling to this beautiful country. After all, your language problem has been solved, you see?

#9: Guyana

This South American country is probably the only one to have English as its official language. If you are a nature lover, the thick jungles are sure to appeal to you in innumerable ways. Explore the vibrant culture of this place and have fun enjoying your stay here. With 90% of the indigenous people here speaking in English, communication in Guyana is sure to be easy-peasy for you.

#10: United Kingdom

While talking about the UK, we are referring to a combination of other nations that include England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. You can travel here freely and converse with any native people in English. A trouble-free trip, you see?

Final Words

Isn’t it astoundingly amazing to know how many English speaking countries are scattered all over the world? Just pick on any nation you wish to travel to and explore the cultures to have full-on fun and thrill. Communicate freely with the native people around you, forge a good relationship with them, and create sweet memories that you can cherish for a lifetime.

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