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Top 4 Ways to Learn a Language Faster

Are you in a rush and wondering how to learn a language faster? Probably, your date of going on a foreign country tour is almost here. Or say, you have got this intense passion to gain expertise over a new language in a short period. No matter if you are having to shift abroad for studies or work, you will get this sudden urge to learn a language faster.

We are not going to surprise you with any miracle. Because well, your effort has to play the chief role in gaining mastery over a completely new language. Learning a new language is almost equal to starting over and acquainting yourself with the alphabet, grammar syntax, and several other aspects of the English language.

Doing all of these in one go is just not easy! But, that doesn’t mean that you can not achieve this awesome feat.

We have come up with the top 4 five ways that will enlighten you on how to learn a language faster.

#1: Set Realistic Goals For Yourself

Taking the first step
The first and foremost thing that you need to do to learn a language faster is come up with a set of goals for yourself. If you don’t set milestones for yourself, it will be difficult for you to understand what you wish to achieve and that too, in how many days. When you fix certain goals for yourself, you will know what all things you need to do to complete them. Else, you will be intimidated by the pressure and stress of having to deal with a whole new language.

Learning new words, understanding the meaning of these words, constructing sentences in the new language, etc. will feel to be an ordeal if you don’t set short-term goals for yourself. For instance, set a goal of learning 20 new French vocabularies related to entertainment. Keep the duration shorter, and never exceed the term for more than a week.

Stay determined and push yourself to accomplish the goals that you have set for yourself. Use sticky notes or a to-do list to write down the goals and keep the written matter open on your study desk or the wall of your study room to keep reminding yourself that you have got to complete these goals before you set new ones for yourself.

#2: Interact With People Who Are Well-Versed In The Language That You Are Seeking To Learn

Interact with people
Technology can help us in great ways to solve a lot of our problems. Obviously, we can learn languages with the aid of various apps, websites, tools, or online courses. But, guess what? Sometimes, you need to come out of the world of digitalisation and chat with humans. Yes, that human touch is essential to master a completely new, foreign language.

If you are in the new country already, you can spark cordial relationships with the native speakers and communicate with them to better understand the new language dynamics. Seeking practical experience like this is going to help you to a great extent in grasping a novel language faster. Notice how others are communicating and speaking in that language. Live the language and see how fast you start learning.

#3: Learn The Most Important Words

A language is composed of a great number of words. Aiming to learn all of these will be a daunting task. And, you don’t even have to learn all these. If you research and find out what the top 100 words of the language are, you will familiarize yourself with 50% of its content. Once you have completed your milestone of learning 100 words, set the next target of learning more than 900 words to enhance your vocabulary base to 1000 words.

Succeed in doing that, and you will find yourself mastering about 90 percent of the language. Now, that will be quite an awesome thing, what say? Concentrate on using the basic and the important ones before wasting your time and efforts on other less crucial words. For this, you need to do a bit of research and you will successfully get through this task of mastering a new language at a fast pace.

#4: Take Interest In The Country’s Culture

Learn culture
Want to learn a new language faster? But, avoiding knowing more about the culture? Well no, that is definitely not going to work. Theoretical knowledge won’t spurt the pace of your new language learning, if you don’t for its culture and explore more about it. Know more about the country, its beliefs, culture, values, and heritage. Dig deeper and see what the history of the emergence of a particular language is. Once you acquire a complete understanding of the culture of the country and the rich history behind the language you are studying, your levels of comprehension will be enhanced to a great extent.

The day after you acquire information about the culture of the country, sit with your foreign language study and see how you are performing. You will see that your chances of making mistakes have also diminished to a great extent. Such is the power of indulging in a background study revolving around a specific culture. Just try out and see the magic!

Final Words

Now that you know how to learn a language faster, it is your time to enjoy euphoric moments. After all, you are just close to your goal of materialising your dream of gaining expertise over a new language. Bust out your stress and constant worries about how you are going to survive in a new country.

Follow these tips, take action now, and kick-start your journey of gaining the ability to speak a completely new language with utter fluency. Take things easy and have fun learning something new! You are surely going to love every bit of this language-learning journey. Seize the day and brace yourself for it. We can’t wait to see you emerge as a multilingual person. Go for it, buddy! All the best!

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