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Who Questions English Grammar And Why It Is So Important

“Ill-fitting grammar are like ill-fitting shoes. You can get used to it for a bit, but then one day your toes fall off and you can’t walk to the bathroom.”

 – Jasper Fforde, One of Our Thursdays Is Missing

Imagine you are trying to build your own lovely house without using any proper equipment. You have got no wood, mortar, cement, and bricks yet you are trying to construct your house. Will the structure stand upright and strong? Absolutely no, right? It will simply shatter into pieces.

The same consequence will occur if you speak in English without maintaining the correct grammar standards. The authority of English Grammar is that of a strong one. Have you ever seen anyone who questions English Grammar? You won’t! This is because Grammar is a very crucial subject.

Improper Grammar syntax will make people point you out! No wonder, if you use the wrong Grammar in front of a Grammar Nazi, they will correct you at that very moment. Isn’t it a tad embarrassing? That is why you need to know about the right grammar structure and rules so that you can frame correct writing matter.

Why Correct English Grammar Is Important?

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No matter if you are a student, a candidate looking for a job, or a working person, having proper knowledge of English Grammar is crucial. Do you know why? This is because the way you approach others, the way you speak, and write casts an effect on the people around you.

If you have proper knowledge of grammar and use flawless grammatical syntax, you will be revered as being intellectual, and erudite. Contrarily enough, if you have poor grammar skills, you won’t leave a poor impression on the people with whom you are interacting.

You may not pay heed to the usage of wrong tenses, or improper grammatical structure while texting your buddies, family members, or colleagues on social media platforms. After all, who questions English Grammar while interacting via emojis and social media acronyms.

But, wait! Always remember that you may not be heavily judged based on your poor grammar skills while chatting virtually, but that is also not guaranteed. For instance, if you are communicating with your professor (if you are a student) or your client (if you are a marketing professional, freelancer, or an employee of a company) and using the wrong Grammar in your texts, you may not set the right image of yourself in front of such important people.

Do you know how grim the consequences can be? You may not uphold a good impression of yourself upon your professor. You may lose your client. You may not get your hands on that dream project. Worse, you may not even get the chance to sign the contract for which you were probably working hard. Believe it or not, possessing excellent grammar skills is undoubtedly a true asset.

All of us are aware of the importance of having proper communication skills. And, isn’t good communication based on how perfectly we express ourselves with top-notch grammar and high-quality spoken sentences? If you are in the quest for a job, submitting a cover letter, proposal, or resume full of grammar errors may make the recruiters completely reject your application. This may sound harsh to you, but this is the fact.

You will be shocked to know that CEOs of some MNCs and other brands often fire their employees for using incorrect grammar in their communications and day-to-day activities at the workplace. Moreover, while in a job interview, if you fumble a lot and utter grammatically wrong sentences, you may be looked down upon by the hiring managers. So, you can now see for yourself how important it is to have the right knowledge about English Grammar.

Want to know a shocking fact? Well, it is that good grammar is a must-have to maintain good social skills. In any kind of dating app, lots of users prefer not to swipe or chat with persons who write text with low-quality grammar in their profiles. Having a robust foundation in the field of grammar is essential because it is an all-encompassing subject, and no matter from which walk of life you belong, you need to have proper mastery over it.

What Are The Most Important Rules Of Grammar?

To become a pro in Grammar, you need to master all its rules. There are several hundreds of Grammar rules along with an equal number of exceptions to such rules. While you can’t keep all the rules in mind, make sure you know the basic ones. Here, we will share with you the core grammar rules that you need to apply in your regular communications with other people.

Use Of Punctuations Correctly

Placing punctuations correctly in your writing matter is of prime importance. A slight mistake in using punctuations properly may end up in the sentences having completely different meanings. For instance, if you write “Let’s eat Mom” instead of “Let’s eat, Mom”, you know what dangerous implication it will evoke. Just a little comma can make a huge difference in expressing your intentions or thoughts to others. Similarly, the use of other punctuation marks has to be done with care to ensure people don’t misunderstand what you wish to relay via your texts.

Right Usage Of Homophones

Homophones are two different words that sound the same but have completely different meanings. Often, people make mistakes in using the correct word and end up representing the fact that they have poor grammar skills. For instance, if you make mistake between “addition” and “edition”, “affect” and “effect”, etc., know that these reflect your utter ignorance of English Grammar and this may make you feel embarrassing. So, make sure that you have proper knowledge of these homophones to put an end to your incessant mistakes.

Final Words

Learning the proper rules of Grammar is a very crucial skill. Make sure you have proper knowledge of punctuation, subject-verb agreement, and clauses to become a grammar expert. Start learning the rules, and you will become flawless in Grammar. All the best!

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