Learning a second laguage

14 Benefits of Learning a Second Language

Learning a second language is of immense importance in the present era. It not only aids you while traveling leaving your native domain but also seems high advantageous for your career. Especially you will notice that if you want to seek a professional degree abroad. It also helps us to develop our inner intellect and keep ourselves at par along with global advancement.

Here are our 14 benefits of learning a second language.

1. Improves the Power of Brain

When a person tries to learn a foreign language, he or she has to get absorbed with that language. It is a very exciting experience that a person goes through while doing so. One tries to find out the meanings of the words, try to pronounce it in its colloquial form, frame sentences with the correct parts of speech, tries to catch up with the tone of the language, and so on.

In this manner, the person unknowingly keeps on storming his brain, inculcates a critical and problem-solving thought process thereby improving the power of the brain.

2. Develops the Multi-Tasking Ability

It has been seen that doing a lot of tasks at the same time is very difficult and stressful to execute with perfection. It has been found that people who are well proficient in dealing with many languages can switch over from one work to another at a very fast pace and that too with high accuracy and performance level. They can keep the stress at bay and speed up their work process without any difficulty.

3. Creates a Strong and Sharp Mind

It has been observed that the people who know several languages are found to be an exceptional observant of the surrounding environment than the rest of the people.

These multilingual people are found to be the first ones to identify any wrong information or anything which is highly irrelevant or suspicious. You can even see that any movies of the world or any popular novel based on detectives are seemed to be having the quality to speak in many foreign languages and at an ease.

4. Enhances Networking Skills

Enhancing networking skills

When you learn a different language other than your mother tongue, you come closer to the culture and origin of the same. While learning a foreign language, you need to go deep into it.

Eventually, you read books based on that language, watch movies, follow the people, their body language, their lifestyle, and in this manner. As a result, you enhance your horizon of getting connected to people across the globe which helps you to develop networking skills day by day.

5. Lift the Understanding of First Language in a Better Way

In the learning process of a new language, you will always try to translate it into your native language for better understanding.

For example, when you want to learn a foreign word, you will try to grasp its meaning, synonyms, antonyms, and its usage and for that, you will try to take the help of your mother tongue. So, you will try to interpret, and while doing so, you will also create a platform of knowing your first language in a more detailed manner thereby uplifting the level of understanding of both the languages- the first as well as the foreign.

6. Inculcates the Power of Decision Making

You will be astonished to know that learning a new language can even inculcate the power to make and take the right choices at an instant. Along with the process of learning, you unknowingly keep on judging others and thereby always try to make yourself educated and wiser.

You come in contact with many more novelists, directors, their stories, and the outlook that has been projected and thus you become more and more confident within. And, this confidence helps you to analyze situations in a more structured way which helps you to take instant decisions and the right one in your real life.

7. Upgrades the Functional Ability of the Memory

Upgrade brain memory ability

Learning a new language and able to read, speak, and write fluently as if it is your mother tongue is not an easy task. When you learn something new, you work quite hard with your brain. At the initial stage, you try to memorize and recall things.

Say for example you first began with a couple of words. Firstly you have to memorize its meanings and remember its usage. Now when you want to use it in your way, suppose while speaking or writing, you need to recall whatever you know about that foreign word. So ultimately you are improving the functional ability of your brain.

8. Maintains the Brain Health for Long

So, by now you can understand that learning a foreign language not only helps you to communicate with a wide variety of people but in the process of learning you keep on exercising your brain which helps you to keep your brain in good condition down the years.

9. Reduce Brain and other mental diseases

You can keep the brain diseases at bay like for Alzheimer’s disease. And we all know, learning, solving puzzles keep the brain healthy. So, when you practice learning a foreign language, your brain will always keep on functioning, remain active, focus, and refocus at things faster will gradually help you to not get carried away by distractions.

In this way, you can keep many brain and mental diseases at bay. You won’t feel bored, but rather if you make it as a point of your interest it can help to release out the stress.

10. Develops Empathy and Compassion

As language is deeply rooted in the culture so, when you want to develop the skill of learning a second language, the total way of looking at things in you undergoes a drastic change. You always try to welcome new views, new perspectives and this helps you to be more compassionate to others. You create a room for empathy in your heart for others.

11. Makes you an Adventurist

When taking up a new language that you desire to go for inculcates the risk-taking attitude within you and set you free from your domain and make you more upgraded to take up any new facets in life. Suppose if an Italian girl wants to learn the Bengali language has to go deep into the Bengali culture, Bengali food, clothes, people, novels, their outlook, living style, and everything and for that, she needs to experience it by tasting some of the Bengali dishes, or wear and drape a sari, or visit Bengal during festivals, thereby making her an adventurist and strengthening the risk-taking attitude in herself.

12. Foster a more Positive set of Mind

If you create a craving within you about learning various languages in the world, it is always a welcome thought and a very appreciated hobby as this will help you set up a more positive mind with thriving energy within you.

13. Promotes Performance in Scholastic Areas

Learning a foreign language also increases one’s intellect. Students across the globe have been observed that multilingual candidates perform pretty well in all spheres of subjects compared to monolingual pupils. It helps children to increase the problem-solving abilities and they can speed up this quality as they grow up.

As a result, schools always try to induce a child to learn a minimum of three languages – one is mother tongue, second is English, and thirdly the language of the country or any other colloquial language that is widely used in that country.

14. Sign up with Better Career Prospects

Better career prospects

A multilingual person is high in demand for any multinational company. They seem to inculcate values in the workforce. They can make people understand their viewpoints in a much better manner and also have a better convincing ability.

A multilingual person with an impressive academic record can gear up his career prospects unbelievably than compared to a monolingual person with the same academic record. Thus, by now you can feel that a person who knows several languages can get a high competitive advantage than others. He can land up with all the better career prospects. Such person will grab all the best opportunities available in the current scenario across the world.

Apart from the mother tongue, which language you should learn?

In the world of today, if we are asked to name the most familiar language of the world which is understood well by the majority, the answer is no other than the English language.

Ages ago, English has been a common medium of communication across the world. It has happened so because it was the British who ruled the whole world and so everyone was compelled to speak in English. This is how English has become the official medium of communication in the world.

Today, billions of people in the world are not only able to understand English but are doing business in this dominant business language of the world.

So just after the mother tongue, better go for learning English and become a multilingual person, and success is bound to kiss your feet!

Also, don’t forget that besides reading and grammar, speaking is one of the most important benefits of learning a second language!

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